Givings at St Paul’s

How and when to donate

Weekly Envelopes

Many people choose to tithe their income via the use of weekly givings envelopes.  These envelopes are available through the church office and are numbered in order to keep track of your annual offering for income tax purposes.  If you would like to get a set of enveloper, please contact the church office and the treasurer will get back to you.

Pre-Authorized Giving Program

As an alternative to weekly offering envelopes, Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) is a direct debit program that allows people to support their church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account.

What are the advantages of PAG?

  • Your contributions will be made regularly even if you are away on business or vacation.
  • You will not have to write a cheque or carry cash each week when you come to church, possibly saving you bank service fees.
  • The church will receive your contributions consistently, which will help pay all the bills even in the summer months if you’re away.
  • After having been away, you will not be left with that burden of feeling you need to “catch up”.
  • It will save time and work for those who count and register the offerings each Sunday.
  • Never again will you have the frustration of getting halfway to church and then remembering that you forgot your offering!
  • All information provided in your PAG application is confidential and not shared.


Parishioners may wish to include in funeral pre-planning to include request that donations be directed towards their church family. Funds received are typically used for worship related items such as fair linens, Bibles, and hymn books.

Parishioners may also wish to remember a gift to St. Paul’s in their last will and testament. Some late members’ gifts have been left for specific causes; others generate interest which contributes towards the operations of our parish.

If you would like to speak with someone at the church regarding your givings, please be in touch.

News From St Paul’s

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Easter Day

The Sunday of the Resurrection: EASTER DAY April 1
NB at Harbour Street Parkette

Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce

Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce

EASTER DAY, the delight of new life for all who put their trust in Christ, continues the celebration begun the evening before. We celebrate the truth and mystery of the empty tomb. It is with inexpressible joy that we, as church, come to this place where St Paul’s Anglican Church gathers to worship our Lord in hymns and songs of praise, and in word and in sacrament. Jesus lives – now and always!!

Holy Saturday and Easter Eve 2018

Lighting of the New Fire
Entry of the Paschal Candle
Declaration of The Exsultet
Candlelight Vigil: Old Testament readings and Psalms
The First Communion of Easter
Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce

Holy Saturday, during the day, brings Holy Week to a close. That seeming forgotten, silent day reminds us that Jesus did lie dead and abandoned in the cold tomb after his death on the cross.

EASTER EVE brings us to the climactic and most significant service of the whole Church year in The Great Vigil of Easter. We arrive in darkness which is then broken by the lighting of the new fire which is passed to the congregation’s candles as the large Paschal Candle is processed in from the new fire. The glorious words of The Exsultet celebrating the power of the light of Christ over darkness are declared immediately. We then, in Vigil, listen to Old Testament readings interspersed with prayer and Psalms to mark the history of God’s redeeming work.

Finally, we celebrate the first glorious Communion of Easter to mark God’s great victory over sin and death in the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead and the tomb is now empty. We then leave in the joy of the new light of Easter. Jesus has risen from the dead and he is alive today! The glory and power of Christ’s crucifixion bursts out and into the world from the open door of the now useless grave.

Good Friday Worship 2018

10:00 am Stations of the Cross – for children
* parents, guardians, family members and friends are very welcome to accompany the children

Officiant & Meditation The Reverend Keith Joyce

GOOD FRIDAY, that most powerful of days, so shocking from the human perspective, so victorious from the view of heaven, so disastrous to the purposes of hell, so full of the grandeur of God in face of the rancid evil of sin, celebrates God’s loving intention for His world. We worship, with great solemnity, yet with deep joy in our hearts, and ponder Christ’s majestic work of salvation and healing. Always remember – there is no Easter without Good Friday. The day includes a Stations of the Cross for children at 10:00 am with 12:00 noon being the time for The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion.

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1 Chronicles 29:14 (NRSV-A)

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