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Easter Day

Easter Day

The Sunday of the Resurrection: EASTER DAY April 1
NB at Harbour Street Parkette

Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce

Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce

EASTER DAY, the delight of new life for all who put their trust in Christ, continues the celebration begun the evening before. We celebrate the truth and mystery of the empty tomb. It is with inexpressible joy that we, as church, come to this place where St Paul’s Anglican Church gathers to worship our Lord in hymns and songs of praise, and in word and in sacrament. Jesus lives – now and always!!

Holy Saturday and Easter Eve 2018

Holy Saturday and Easter Eve 2018

Lighting of the New Fire
Entry of the Paschal Candle
Declaration of The Exsultet
Candlelight Vigil: Old Testament readings and Psalms
The First Communion of Easter
Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce

Holy Saturday, during the day, brings Holy Week to a close. That seeming forgotten, silent day reminds us that Jesus did lie dead and abandoned in the cold tomb after his death on the cross.

EASTER EVE brings us to the climactic and most significant service of the whole Church year in The Great Vigil of Easter. We arrive in darkness which is then broken by the lighting of the new fire which is passed to the congregation’s candles as the large Paschal Candle is processed in from the new fire. The glorious words of The Exsultet celebrating the power of the light of Christ over darkness are declared immediately. We then, in Vigil, listen to Old Testament readings interspersed with prayer and Psalms to mark the history of God’s redeeming work.

Finally, we celebrate the first glorious Communion of Easter to mark God’s great victory over sin and death in the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead and the tomb is now empty. We then leave in the joy of the new light of Easter. Jesus has risen from the dead and he is alive today! The glory and power of Christ’s crucifixion bursts out and into the world from the open door of the now useless grave.

Good Friday Worship 2018

Good Friday Worship 2018

10:00 am Stations of the Cross – for children
* parents, guardians, family members and friends are very welcome to accompany the children

Officiant & Meditation The Reverend Keith Joyce

GOOD FRIDAY, that most powerful of days, so shocking from the human perspective, so victorious from the view of heaven, so disastrous to the purposes of hell, so full of the grandeur of God in face of the rancid evil of sin, celebrates God’s loving intention for His world. We worship, with great solemnity, yet with deep joy in our hearts, and ponder Christ’s majestic work of salvation and healing. Always remember – there is no Easter without Good Friday. The day includes a Stations of the Cross for children at 10:00 am with 12:00 noon being the time for The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion.

Maundy Thursday 2018

Maundy Thursday 2018

7:00 pm Holy Communion, Stripping of the Altar (BCP)
Presider & Preacher The Reverend Keith Joyce
8:15 pm to 10:00 pm Prayer Watch
The church building and the Hall remain in darkness and in quiet, in respect of the Prayer Watch.

MAUNDY THURSDAY has a unique service in the evening, at 7:00 pm. Like The Sunday of the Passion, it has a movement from joy to solemnity as we mark Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist and the giving of the “new commandment”. The word “maundy” is an old English word from the Latin “mandatus,” or command, recalling the Lord’s giving the disciples this “new commandment”. We come with thankfulness for this great gift of God which helps to equip us to obey the new commandment, but as the service progresses, we begin to prepare for Christ’s betrayal. The altar is “stripped” as a reminder of how Jesus was stripped of all his friends and supporters after he was arrested this night so long ago. The altar now bare, and with the service ending in darkness, we go silently into our preparation for that all-important day, Good Friday. To go with Jesus on this night of his betrayal a Prayer Watch is held here in the church building. It starts immediately upon the ending of communion and continues to 10:00 pm when the doors are locked. One can stay after the service or come back any time before 10:00 pm and spend time in prayer, meditation and reflection. This helps us mark our Lord’s request of his disciples to pray with him in the hours before his arrest.

Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week 2018

Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week 2018

7:00 pm Holy Communion (Celtic)
Presider The Reverend Keith Joyce
Speakers: Mrs Nancy Sutton (Tuesday) and Mrs Donna Doucette (Wednesday)
Topic: “What does the death of Jesus on the cross mean to me?”

Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week have a service of Holy Communion in the evening at 7:00 p.m. In this service a member of the congregation will address the topic: “What does the death of Jesus Christ on the cross mean to me”? Let us come and hear this personal reflection and receive communion as part of our observances in our congregational journey of Holy Week. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear from a fellow member of our church family on a central matter in the Christian faith.

Christmas Day Service

Christmas Day Service

A quiet and contemplative worship that celebrates the arrival of the greatest gift of all, our Lord Jesus Christ. Join us at 11:00 am where we will unwrap the joy of Christ in our world and reveal our love for him in praise and prayer using the service in The Book Of Alternative Services.

Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve Services

Please join us in worship December 24th at 7:00 pm for our All-ages worship or at 11:00 pm for our Midnight Christmas celebration. Both Holy Communion services will use The Book Of Alternative Services and features hymns of the season raising our voices in joy to greet the birth of the newborn King!

Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new site. We are still in the process of finishing some of the pages, and updating content on others. We are excited though to begin a new chapter in our online journey and welcome your feedback in the process. We also welcome your ideas for content as we will be adding to the site extensively in 2018.

Do be in touch on our contact page and share your questions or thoughts!

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But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.

Luke 2: 10-11 (NRSV)

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